I Am The Bread Of Life | John 6:25-35


Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been looking at the signs of Jesus as presented to us in John’s Gospel. Today begins our examination of Christ’s “I am” statements. We’ll be looking at these through the Easter season. And as with Christ’s miracles, these “I am” statements reveal something about Jesus—not simply as a wise teacher or a good example. Rather, they are there to
declare that Jesus is the full manifestation of God’s glory. We’ll begin by looking at the significance of these “I am” statements and what they point to. We’ll then consider what it means for Jesus to declare that He is the bread of life. And finally we’ll look at why this is important to us, even now as we live life and work jobs and pay bills. Patti already read our text, so let’s begin by looking to our Lord in prayer.


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